kaleidoscope24 asked:

hiii! I just bought my new room, and will have a double bed and a table but wanted help with the wall color and you put it, do not really like pink, but I love flowers, photographs and phrases.. you can help me? i love your tumblrr!! xx

bedroorns answered:

First of all thank you so much cutie! 

I say go with a lighter color (can be any color, really. Light blue or light green is always pretty), since those colors make your room look a lot bigger and calmer (they also go good with flowers). It would look so cute with any flower accessories, for example: floral print bed sheets, flower paintings/pictures, flower wall decals, etc.

I would also say to go with lighter colors for bigger aspects in the room (furniture and things) as well, preferably white or light brown.

You could also have a wall quote, fairy lights, polaroid pictures on the wall (or just normal pictures)

Here are some other ideas or room themes that could help!